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12/31/2011 04:57:37 pm

Thank you for putting up this site.

1/4/2012 01:36:35 am

Photo #12 shows two horses. The black horse on the left clearly shows the mane of the horse has just been combed. They look totally normal and healthy. Combing a horses mane is not essential to their health yet it was certainly done as the photo shows. No neglect or cruelty here.

1/1/2012 01:00:56 am

well done!this needs togo viral- this WILL be a precedent setting case- both in Washington State AND for the rest of the country, especially since AR groups are pretty much standardizing all animal and ag laws The RIGHT to choose our lifestyle comes under the Constitution, and NO GROUP has the right to remove that from us.

The Scarlet Pimpernel
1/1/2012 02:24:28 am

Appears to me these people's only "crime" was having an ugly property (indeed one of the comments on a news site mentions that the complaint was in revenge for being an eyesore). How does that translate to poor care of their animals? All the animals are in plush well-fed and well-groomed condition. Note especially the cocker spaniel dog -- plump and well-groomed.

1/1/2012 03:05:16 am

Unbelievable oversteppiong of the law in this case. Every single one of those animals where in good flesh condition with no signs of illness. Shame on those Olalla, WA officials. What happened to this being a free country, instead we are being ruled by domestic terrorists masqurading as "animal welfare agents".

1/1/2012 09:54:43 am

I have never seen such a blatant disregard for the law, or the rights and feelings of the owners. The self-righteousness and smug satisfaction of the vet and one of the others who made statements tells us everything we need to know about the intent of this organization: profit! I hope the owners get some of their animals back intact. In any case, they should sue the so-called rescur group and all of the individuals involved in this raid for both the monetary value of the animals and the emotional stress (using the recent law passed in Texas as precedent.) I will be making a donation towards their legal fees.

Call me mad
1/1/2012 10:15:02 am

It's all about money. So-called humane society's are seeing donations dwindle as disposable income decreases in a hellish economy. As a result, many desperate organizations have taken to essentially stealing people's animals to adopt them out and collect adoption fees in order to stay afloat; in truth, such unscrupulous organizations--whose services are to be considered less and less vital the more bizarre their behaviors become--are on welfare, getting something for adding little value to anyone's life, least of all animals, but no one calls them on it. Until and unless animal owners put together a class-action lawsuit against such violations of our basic rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), this lawlessness will continue. As one leader of an ANIMAL WELFARE--not to be confused with animal rights--group has so wisely observed, "Animal rights is mental illness masquerading as philosophy." It's time the insanity be brought to a screeching halt. BTW, "best practices" for all sorts of animal raising may be found on the Internet; volumes have been written.

Truth Seeker
1/1/2012 09:55:49 pm

It is all about a social movement that came across the pond from England 1800s. It has morphed into people (AR organizations) putting human feelings and actions into animals. This is how a movement has been carried out, along with shaming anyone who breeds and animal for profit or farms raising animals or engages in selling pets of any type.
The entire movement has undertones of anti capitalism. Every wonder why the Father of the Animal Rights movement came from another country, New Zeland? Ever wonder why Ingrid Newkirk with PETA came from another country to the USA along with many more. How much antivivisection and vegetarian societies played in this social movement before it ever hit the USA. This is a social movement and has nothing to do with saving animals but the non use of animals or protection of animals from human hands. The animal rights activist, or protections, have had 40 years to wrap it in a neat package using the "shame" campaign in using any animals, even those used to sustain the human body and we realize that humans are the scorage of the earth contributing to the end of the world. This is what the animal rights campaign has been based on for the last 40 years. They have used grade schools to form the minds of one generation through Kind and lectures in our law schools, the FBI and our Justice Department to make animal owners or sellers of animals criminals. It is time for the animal owners to speak before congress and let them know what HSUS, PETA, ALF is really all about. With Agenda 21 on the forefront, the climate change debate, it has created the perfect storm to crimalize animal owners further and a move to the anti capitalist way of thinking. Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Internation now sit as NGO's in the World Trade Organization and also at the table of the UN - Agenda 21 as NGO's along iwth other radical groups in anti animal and environmentalist groups. It is time to speak loud and strong in what the modern animal rights movement is really trying to accomplish. I promise, you will not like it. I used to trust USDA but when they alligned themselves with the animal rights agenda, I lost all respect for anything they had to say. Of course they realize any time that that HSUS sues a government agency, the agency pays THEIR attorneys. Meaning the USA citizens and it is not cheap. This is a vegan social movement and has little to do with the care of animals. Stop to think what would happen if the USA had a real emergency and few animals to eat, no electricity, grocery stores cleaned out the first day what would happen to many citizens. If you have noticed animal rights activists don't think too much of humans that eat or buy, sale or use animals. We now have Wayne Pacelle dictating where our government should go regarding all animal use - and they are listening to what they feel is the authority - that has to change. It is the people who actually raise animals that are the authorities. It should never be that humans become criminals for raising food or engaging in an enterprize of buying or selling animals. Where are the laws that protect the masses against a social movement! The IRS and the Justice Department has been sent over 6000 pieces of information asking for an investigation into HSUS, yet there has been no action - but President Obama recently responded to the HSUS petition to crack down on dog breeding - again. Soon it will be cattle ranchers! It is not about small breeding operations, it is about no breeding. Creating a Utopia where animals are to roam free will not be the answer, because deep in those woods there is another world and it is not pretty = it is called survival of the fittest and it is a jungle out there, where life and death struggles occur deep in the woods. There has yet to be a utopian society to survive and it will not insure the survival of any animals or species. Maybe Wayne Pacelle has other ideas about the santuries he has created where people can go and see animals like dogs, rabbitts, and other pets that people used to own for pets and sometimes "used to" eat.

1/1/2012 10:55:48 pm

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I for one am going to donate. I hope the Bailey's win a huge award. Wrong is wrong regardless of who's for it.

1/2/2012 02:43:43 am

This case is outrageous and extremely scary. The Human Society has turned into a kind of terrorist organization against small farmers.

Behind this action, and supporting it, are numerous urban people who are completely brainwashed by the propaganda of the Animal Rights Movements, especially PETA.

The agenda of the present AR movement is an evil and ugly one. No pets to snuggle in bed with at night, no glorious mornings to see the new calf just born, no milking the cow while the calf takes the other teats, no playing with puppies and mornings awakening to the happy crowing of the the rooster as he calls his flock of plump hens out to feed. No sense of searing tenderness as one is privileged to watch how carefully he attends the hen with the new family of downy chicks, blinking in their first view of the morning sunlight world, and makes sure these littlest one get the first crack at a tasty nest of ants...

Everything neutered. One generation and out. gone. No more poodles, and collies, labrador retrievers, haughty siamese, cosy angoras, athletic family mousers, no
more pigs who love their backs scratched. No more omelettes, souffles or angel cakes, and no more milk or butter or cheese or yogurt or ice cream. No more
children wide-eyed with wonder to see the nest of baby bunnies for the first time, no more horse crazy teenagers or watching your daughter ride her first
pony, with an expression of such incandescent joy that it almost hurts the heart to see it--often through tears. Rescued by the rowdy happiness of the pony himself, suddenly so careful to keep the novice safe on board.

We humans, the compassionate predator, entered into a contract with a large number of species in the course of the past twenty thousand years (some think longer), and species like the wolf (our domestic dogs), Bos Taurus (domestic cattle), Tarpans ( domestic horses of all breeds today) and a legion of others entered the relatively new ecological niche created within the sphere of the world's first compassionate predator. Many of these species, of both animals and plants, would never have been as successful had they not entered into the contract.

Let us not be blinded by the evil results of commercialization of this age old contract between us and these other species. Turning everything into money has betrayed these plants and animals as much as it has betrayed all of what is decent and compassionate about the human spirit.

When we turn our backs on the factory farms and the horrors they have unleashed, do not also be tempted to turn our backs on our long history of trust and co-adaptation that created the ecosystem of domestication. It is an incredibly rich and rewarding ecosystem to live within, and one we have all but lost in our miserably urban wastelands.

Sure, it is hard on the heart to put an animal down to eat it, but it is infinitely better than to let these creatures be abandoned to the "wild". The death and drawnout horror of being eaten alive by parasites or merciless predators without any capacity for compassion is one of the reasons many now think animals like sheep and goats and pigs sought out the human sphere in the first place.

There are some that came early and were always under-appreciated like the cat and the dog, or even reviled, like the mice and the rats. But now we know that house mice by colonizing our ecosystem keep other kinds of mice out of it, like the deer mice that carry the deadly Hanta virus. But now look at how mice and rats have served us in research and still can be delightful housepets... (and the story of the bubonic plague is not nearly as simple as some have previously

And what about house sparrows and chickens and starlings and crows?

Even set "free" they congregate around humans.

Please not be fooled by the "animal rights" arguments for vegetarianism.

Choosing not to eat meat should not immediately mean you must disapprove of those who do, nor that keeping our place in nature, within a vast ecosystem of symbiosis with numerous other species, must be rejected.

Animals have chosen to be part of our homes and part of the human ecosystem niche on the planet, and we have no more right to turn our back on them than we
have to turn our back on the plight of the whales or the plight of the tuna.

And if we turn our backs on people like the Baileys we turn our back on all small farmers and do do so with glaring hypocrisy - for to condone such actions against the Baileys while leaving millions of pigs and chickens to suffer far worse lives and deaths in factory farms is nothing but hypocrisy. Let the Humane Society go down the road and rescue all the hogs from that big barn where 30,000 of them living through hell every year. Or the millions of cattle who stand up to their hocks deep in their own manure in feedlots every year.

1/2/2012 02:45:44 am assured this is not just a 'capitalism' or 'conservative' issue; it is one of the direct need to choose health for onesself. Food security is a corporate control issue for many of us left-of-center types who are also working to resist corruption when profit interests trump public security....

1/2/2012 05:07:57 am

Might be interesting, in your vet-care poll, to get a sense of the level of farming done by the people responding - part time, hobby, feeding family only, main/primary family income, for instance, and what kind of livestock people keep. People who keep hobby farms might have a different response than people who make their living from the livestock. You might also want to reach out to other farming organizations in the PNW area, particularly if you intend to use this poll as any sort of support for the Baileys.

1/2/2012 05:57:18 am

Speaking as a person who has owned horses since 1976, it is common knowledge that giving a horse 24 hour access to feed is the fastest way to kill it. My horses are fed grain 2x/day in accordance to their needs. Some are easy keepers and some are hard keepers even with the same level of work. We also give hay about 3x/day since the pasture is mostly bare right now, and I have several horses that are actually overweight.
I am in complete agreement with the other answers that blame this overzealous action on animal rights activism. People who know nothing about livestock seem to think they know more than those of us who work with them daily.

1/2/2012 07:42:31 am

I just looked at the pics of the property and animals taken. I saw NOTHING wrong with any of the animals pictured. Were they the worst ones? It really seems that the only reason for stealing those animals was that someone didn't like the way the property looked. I've learned over the years to ignore the condition of the property as long as the animals there are healthy and happy. I'd rather be at a run down barn with happy livestock than at a beautiful barn that hides the abuses.

1/2/2012 12:08:58 pm

The only abuse that I could see was in picture #6 out of the first set of picture on the Photos page.

The abuse was being committed by the volunteer, Holly, as she is handing the rabbit over to the veterinarian by only holding it by the scruff of the neck and leaving the rest of its body to dangle. The picture shows that she really does not care about the welfare of the rabbit.

Kim M
1/4/2012 11:31:46 am

DLD - I completely agree - hold a rabbit by the scruff is very rough handling! It will break the connective tissue / blood vessels and cause brusing sub Q.

1/3/2012 01:32:41 pm

You all have done a great job, I am so sorry I could not be there today, but will be contributing funds, and will plan to be there on the 11th.

1/3/2012 03:54:57 pm

Shame on those neighbors!

Kim M
1/4/2012 12:03:00 pm

you will notice the Van was well stocked with lab animal cages - a roof rack for all of the additional crates and of course all of the volunteers. this was a very well funded attack. they even alerted all of the local news media. I wonder how many of the reporters actually looked at the animals?? I know some of the vets - if they were not directly attached to the seizure - had to be saying to themselves "what the hell????" because I only saw one photo that showed a lightly stained broken white rabbit. THAT was the extent of the abuse I could see. well - other than the volunteer man handling the poor rabbit. THAT was abuse. My biggest issue becomes ... how are they cared for NOW???? most Humane facilites are a JOKE! the neither have adaquate facilities or cages for the species they seize. I would be visiting the housing and taking LOTS of vidio!!!! AND - rabbits are especially sensitive to stress, feed changes and their surroundings. How many of them will die while housed (like the chicken and the ? that already did).

I will not go into the stress of the carriers (and the filth the caged birds will be subjected to) what looked like well feathered Mille Fleur (Belgian Bantam)
will be in my opinion - sad. but with the renewed interest in backyard hen keeping they will sell - OH! the A$$$$PCA adopt them out for a reasonable $$$ - but of course they did not have to BUY anything. the bleeding hearts will throw money at them because they made the front page - and the vets have donated their time.
I do wonder how many of those Vets actually care anymore - especially if they are party to this theft. Do they think the public is blind???? The rabbits, the cats, the mini horses and the poor old dog ... that poor cocker has got to be totally stressed out having been removed from his home.
Thank God the Judge seems to be above this low level.

I wish I was rich. I would fund the lawyers to fight this and other cases of animal theft. God bless - and I hope you win!!

Jennifer T
1/6/2012 12:12:02 pm

As a trained veterinary technician and former shelter kennel manage, I do not see a single animal that is in need of seizure for its own good. Every animal there is clean, well-fed, and well groomed. One glaringly obvious fact here is the hoof care on the horses. Uncared for horses almost always have neglected hooves. These horses' feet look trimmed and healthy. The only thing I can think of to charge these folks with is poor carpentry skills. So they built with materials they could salvage and repurpose. Big deal. Some would give them a medal for being 'green'.

1/6/2012 12:29:54 pm

It may be very important to inform the lawyers in this case about the one in Louisville. Have the lawyers read this.

1/11/2012 02:55:29 am

The only thing I see here is a messy property. The animals all look well fed and cared for. That is the only thing the humane society should be concerned with. Even in the winter the alpacas were on a pasture with grass! There was lots of grass on the property too. Sadly, in this country, if something doesn't "look good" it doesn't matter if it actually "is good". I was especially sad to see the fat and well groomed elderly cocker being lifted up into an upper level cage. Being removed from it's family is very hard on a dog. Just like being removed from their territory is very hard on cats.

pink fox
1/14/2012 10:40:57 am

absolutly sickening that the so called animal WELFARE people would not only seie these obviosuly well cared for animals, but make up charges then proceede to skip ALL the rules and start sending them off to other organizations.
i used to work in animal rescue, and was a vet tech...this entire case makes me sick to my stomach.
these so called "rescues" need a hard swift kick to the crotch!

Well Versed
1/26/2012 10:21:12 am

I have raised goats for many years. Several generations of my family has raised them for many years as well. We have had horses and ponys in addition to other animals. It is extremely distressing that in "rescuing" goats and horses (among other animals) that didn't need rescuing what kind of harm was brought to them. ALL the photos I have seen show well cared for animals, in very good health.

Then along comes "help" and puts them all in danger of death! This goat doe and her kids were placed into jeopardy by the people who removed them from their home. That doe clearly went into life threatening shock. If you stress out a goat like that they are NOT able to walk after transport. The entire transport of the goats was handled incorrectly. Then to add insult to injury the kids were removed from her instantaneously!

This is not only not in the best welfare of the goat kids, but it is cruel to the doe. Now instead of nursing she will face the pain of needing to nurse with no kids to feed. If she has never been trained to being milked, she will be scared and frightened and milking her will be next to impossible. If she doesn't get mastitis from the whole event it will not be because the people who took her know what they are doing. They clearly do not!

Nor was this in the best interest of the goat kids, who are now going to be missing the milk they need to grow, and to provide them with their proper immunity for their bodies. Milk replacer is not the same as a mother's milk for any mammal.

If you need to understand the kind of shock goats can go into, and how easily, you have to look no farther than the myotonic goats. They are also called Fainting Goats. Sudden noise or stress short circuits their bodies and causes them to not be able to stand up. But if you put any goat under enough stress you can have this reaction and this is what these people did by removing these animals from the safe and healthy environment they were living in. You simply can't get animals that look this good in abusive situations.

2/14/2012 09:47:42 pm

When they robbed the Alpha Tex kennel in Texas, they killed a litter of puppies carelessly as the dam was giving birth. That is how much they actually care about the animals.

I'm on about a seizure of a dog and an arrest of the owner in Calvert, Alabama, and the picture of the dog shows that it was shaved down, in the middle of winter. I think that when animal control visited the place the dog was out with the "no tethering" crowd being shaved down and collecting razor burns. You can also see that there is still makeup smeared into the dog's fur: and

2/23/2012 12:09:47 pm

During the early part of this, The red Gold pheasant, and a couple other poultry were reported to have died, with the cause of death being "unknown". I worked for a while in Wildlife rehab, and loved working with the raptors-- One thing we learned early, as part of training-- never lay a bird on it's back. See, a birds lungs are not like ours. They are situated along the backbine (topside) of the bird-- they do not, in normal bird positions, experience ANY compression from the bird's body. They are made of a mass of very easily compressed Tissues, These tissues compress so easily, that by turning a bird on it's back, it will suffocate-- much in the same manner that a constrictor snake kills it's prey-- by preventing the intake of air, and exchange of oxygen. I am very willing to bet, after realizing that the chickens were examined ON THEIR BACKS (photos 11 & 12 in the KItsap Sun- KHS media photos) Combined with the stress of the seizure, and sunsequent mishandling, that the birds died from shock or a very quick case of pneumonia. So, Now who was being cruel, neglectful, and abusive?

2/26/2012 12:08:45 am

Terry - It is normal to examine birds by turning them over so that all parts of the bird can be examined. This is done all over the USA with birds every day of the year. Male birds typically stand on the backs of females while breeding them. Claiming that the people examining the birds killed them by turning them on their backs for a brief exam does not make sense.

2/26/2012 04:27:31 pm

While a male bird may "Stand" on the back of a female for breeding: one- it is only for a few seconds. and two, the weight of his body is NOT crushing her lungs!!
Examining a bird, all over IS done by holding the bird so the spine is vertical to the ground-- turning the bird FLAT on its back compresses the lungs A birds lings are 'intertwined' with the backbone and ribcage, they are NOT constructed like mammals! Why do you think we need 'lung pullers' when we process poultry? And the waythat vet was hunched over, and that bird was held-- I assure you, it was NOT even a brief part of the exam!

2/26/2012 04:27:45 pm

While a male bird may "Stand" on the back of a female for breeding: one- it is only for a few seconds. and two, the weight of his body is NOT crushing her lungs!!
Examining a bird, all over IS done by holding the bird so the spine is vertical to the ground-- turning the bird FLAT on its back compresses the lungs A birds lings are 'intertwined' with the backbone and ribcage, they are NOT constructed like mammals! Why do you think we need 'lung pullers' when we process poultry? And the way that vet was hunched over, and that bird was held-- I assure you, it was NOT even a brief part of the exam!

3/23/2012 02:23:55 pm

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Elise Renee Gingerich
7/2/2014 12:52:05 am

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